Lee’s Physiotherapy offers therapies including but not limited to: state of the art modalities including Class 4 Laser Therapy and Shockwave Therapy, manual therapy, dry needling techniques, exercise therapy and client education. Our practice is evidence-based and evolves with the latest in pain science research.

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A patient receiving intramuscular stimulationIMS is a total system of diagnosis and treatment of neuropathic pain, a common form of which is myofascial pain. It is grounded in western medical science and has a remarkable success rate. A dry needling technique is used without injection of substances.

A patient receiving manual therapy.Manual therapy includes hands-on techniques such as mobilizations and manipulations, soft tissue friction and massage, muscle energy techniques. The goals are to improve joint movements and soft tissue extensibility, modulate pain, improve circulation, reduce soft tissue swelling and inflammation.

A patient going through therapeutic modalities.Therapeutic modalities are used to facilitate soft tissue healing, reduce inflammation and swelling, modulate pain, breakdown adhesive and fibrotic soft tissues, relax and re-educate muscles. Our clinic features treatment using state-of–the-art modalities including Class 4 Laser Therapy and Shockwave Therapy.

Exercise TherapyCustomized exercise prescriptions are used to improve healing, mobility, function, and prevent injuries.

An integral part of treatment is empowering patients with knowledge and tools for self-management and injury prevention.

Osteopathy is a form of non-invasive manual treatment that focuses on the assessment, treatment, prevention and rehabilitation of musculoskeletal disorders that affect total body vitality. Osteopathy uses palpation and manual techniques: joint mobilization, muscle energy technique, soft tissue therapy, muscle stretching and fascia manipulation to help your body restore functionality and well being.


Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncture has a history of over 3000 years. With the help of acupuncture, the human body’s natural healing system starts to work when parasympathetic nerves are stimulated and the human body self-diagnoses and heals itself. Acupuncture helps get back into balance in the end. Acupuncture is highly effective in relieving pain in a way to stimulate the release of endorphins 1000 times stronger than morphine.

To continue serving your needs during this unusual time, we are offering Telehealth service for physiotherapy. This allows you to have real-time and interactive online sessions with our physiotherapists through a video conferencing platform.

The effectiveness of Telehealth physiotherapy treatments is research and clinically proven.

The staff at Lee’s Physiotherapy is committed to providing you with the quality care you need in a timely manner.

Now offering massage therapy by a Registered Massage Therapist

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Clinic Rates

Physiotherapy TreatmentDescriptionRate
Physiotherapy Telehealth$80
Physiotherapy Telehealth ICBCNo Charge
Physiotherapy PrivateInitial assessment and treatment*$80
Physiotherapy PrivateSubsequent visits$80
Physiotherapy PrivateSenior Discount-$5
Physiotherapy ICBC Approved ClaimsInitial assessment and treatment*No Charge
Physiotherapy ICBC Approved ClaimsSubsequent visitsNo Charge (most cases)
Physiotherapy MSP Premium Assistance$35
Physiotherapy IMS TreatmentSession Rate + $20
Physiotherapy Shockwave TherapySession Rate + $30
Massage by Registered Massage Therapist (tax included)DescriptionRate
Massage Therapy Private60 Minutes$120.75
Massage Therapy Private90 Minutes$162.75
Massage Therapy ICBC**45 MinutesNo Charge
Massage Therapy ICBC** 60 Minutes$8.40
Massage Therapy ICBC** 45 Minutes$15.75
Massage Therapy ICBC** 60 Minutes$36.75
Osteopathy TreatmentDescriptionRate
Osteopathy FeesInitial Assessment (Approximately 90 minutes)*$150.00
Osteopathy FeesFollow-up Visits (Approximately 60 minutes)$126.00
Osteopathy FeesSubsequent visit (for 45 mins.)$69.99
Osteopathy FeesSubsequent visit (for 30 mins.)$49.99
Osteopathy Bioflex Cold Laser TherapyInitial visit per session (for 60 mins. includes
assessment, Osteopathy technique, and laser
Osteopathy Bioflex Cold Laser TherapySubsequent visit per session (for 30 mins.)$59.99
Osteopathy Bioflex Cold Laser TherapySubsequent visit per session (for 60 mins.)$99.99
Osteopathy Bioflex Cold Laser TherapyPackages (30 min. x 6 sessions)$319.99
Osteopathy Bioflex Cold Laser TherapyPackages (60 min. x 6 sessions)$559.99
Osteopathy Bioflex Cold Laser TherapyPackages (30 min. x 10 sessions)$539.99
Osteopathy Bioflex Cold Laser TherapyPackages (60 min. x 10 sessions)$929.99
Acupuncture TreatmentDescriptionRate
AcupunctureInitial treatment (45 min.)*$85
AcupunctureFollow-up treatment (45 min.)$65
AcupunctureInitial treatment (60 min.)*$100
AcupunctureFollow-up treatment (60 min.)$80
AcupunctureCupping Therapy (30 min.)$50
AcupunctureHerb Medicine (depending on ingredients)$13-18/day

*Initial Visit includes the first returning visit where three months or more have elapsed since the last visit
**12 treatments pre-approved within first 12 weeks of injury


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