Client Testimonials

“I am very pleased to be sharing my experience with Lee’s Physiotherapy. I was involved in a motor vehicle accident that has left me with pain on my shoulder and neck. I was even experiencing headaches due to the severity of my neck discomfort. My PT, tony, has been great. He was very knowledgeable and helpful with providing me treatments and exercises to making me feel better. Tony was patient with me and went above and beyond to help me recover. My neck and shoulder feel better and I am no longer dealing with headaches and extreme pain. Due to the exercises I have learned, I am now able to go to gym with confidence. I have started swimming again, and no longer feel pain on my left shoulder. All the staff here have been awesome and helpful as well.”

Kristian De La Cruz

“My lower right hip was aching for short period of time but it repeated many times a day. After 2 weeks with Tony’s exercises, my hip got stronger and the pain gone. Tony and staffs are friendly and professional.”

Trong Ha

“I have been a patient of Wendy Lee for over 10 years now. She has always been very compassionate, a good listener, and thorough in her examinations to find the best treatment for me.  When I had a car accident back in 2013 she was able to assess my injuries and come up with the best treatment plan to help me deal with the pain I was experiencing in my neck, shoulders, and back.  She was able to speak with ICBC and negotiate more treatments based on her assessment of what I needed in order to recover from my injuries and because of that ICBC granted more treatments that lasted over an 18 month period. The effectiveness of her treatments came from her thorough assessment and using the latest methods to help me get better. I have seen other physiotherapists in the past that really didn’t listen to what was bothering me and resulted in my pain getting worse to the point where I stopped seeing them. Wendy takes the time to understand what is going on with you and she cares about you and I think that sets her apart from other physiotherapists that I have seen.”

Chris Wiggins

I went to Wendy with debilitating lower back pain, she nursed me back to health and gave various recommendations in terms of posture, stretching and exercise regimen. Wendy was very thorough in inquiring about my health history, exercise routine and lifestyle. She is professional, knowledgeable and very easy to talk to. I have recommended her to family and friends!

From Janet Tsoi
Associate Investment Advisor, Bank Of Montreal Nesbitt Burns
Board of Director, Vice Chair of SUCCESS
Chair of SUCCESS Health Fair (2010-2012)

“I went to see Wendy Lee for 2 reasons:

a. Numbness of soft tissues that ran to my right index finger

b. I had a frozen right shoulder

These symptoms have persisted for a few months. Wendy listened to my problems, did a thorough physiotherapy checkup,  diagnosed my problems and explained what she can do to help me. After a few consecutive weeks of visits (2-3 times per week), the numbness in my finger was gone and my frozen shoulder recovered. I asked Wendy whether I needed to see her again for maintenance, just in case, and she told me honestly that I didn’t need to see her anymore, unless the pain came back. That was 8 years ago! I will not hesitate to recommend Wendy Lee to anyone who needs physiotherapy/IMS (a dry needling technique) treatment.”

“Wendy is an excellent physiotherapist who continues to stay up-date with her education by attending yearly conferences/classes. Wendy takes the time to treat you during your sessions as well. She doesn’t rush you out the clinic once your time is up. Wendy goes through your personal exercises step by step to ensure you have a full understanding of what to do outside the clinic. Wendy is also very professional and easy to approach. I’ve gone to a chiropractor as well and they roughly perform the same assessment and exercises as Wendy does, but Wendy provides additional services such as IMS. I already have and would recommend Wendy to anyone in need of physiotherapy.”

K. Ngo

“Wendy has been my physiotherapist for 20 years already. She is professional, willing to listen, and provides great customer service. That’s why I go back to her whenever I need help. She can cure all of my pain completely, even the toughest pain. I am so glad to know her.

I have been a patient of Wendy for the past two years. I had chronic pain on multiple parts of my body, including hip, legs, feet, upper arms and shoulders. I remembered Wendy to be very attentive, patient and caring. She always stressed that patient should not feel painful during treatment, she will check on her patient a few times each session to ensure a comfortable and painless treatment.

Wendy is very calm and assuring, she listens to patient with patience and modified her treatment methods as needed and readily.

Wendy has tried to put in multiple treatment methods by using different machines and hand manipulation, she has shown that she was eager to help patient to relieve pain and to get well. She is flexible with the time allotment and did not mind to run a little bit over the service time for patient if needed. I remember my previous physiotherapist to be very time-sensitive and has wrapped up the physio session abruptly with incomplete treatment!

Wendy has been gentle, encouraging, understanding, upbeat with newer technology and professional knowledge. I have been successfully discharged from my physio treatment recently. I am pain free now and have gladly regained my good mobility. I have recommended a few friends to be Wendy’s patients and they gave me thanks and good feed back. I am lucky to have received excellent treatment from Wendy and I will sure  continue to recommend her to my friends in need.


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